Wordstrap is a WordPress theme designed with the popular Bootstrap CSS Framework, and using Font Awesome for the lightweight usage of icons. You can customize the layout in one, two or three columns, and choose the background colors of the header, navbar and widget headers and some other interesting features available in the theme options page.

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  • Designed using the default Bootstrap markup. Responsive.
  • Includes Font Awesome.
  • Custom header and background support, post-thumbnails, post format support.
  • Choose between a full width, two (right or left sidebar) or three columns layout.
  • A customizable front page. You can choose to display your blog loop as default, or make use of an intro container with customizable background and text colors, displaying the page you choose in an attractive way. You can also make use of the featured items container, to display the posts of the categories you choose in an AJAX powered navigation system.
  • Support for galleries using Bootstrap’s carousel component, and displaying of the images using WordPress’s thickbox
  • A customizable footer. Choose the information you want to display in the footer of your site, and use the included social icons for the most common sites.
  • Extras like Google API Fonts usage for selectable elements like page titles, widget titles, etc.


v: 1.8.1

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 2.3.2
  • Added the possibility to activate/deactivate responsiveness from the theme options page.
  • Various style fixes.

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v: 1.8.0

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 2.3.1
  • Added an option in front page options to display the intro container inside a box or without a box.

v: 1.7.9

  • Fixed gradients for IE9 and IE10.
  • Fixed the broken layout issue when adding widgets with no title.
  • The breadcrumb now displays the full hierarchy when a page has parents.

v: 1.7.8

  • Fixed Bootstrap “carousel” display for galleries
  • Added thickbox gallery support for gallery images. Now you can see all images of a gallery inside thickbox
  • Added a shortcode for displaying social share buttons anywhere inside a post or a page. Use the shortcode “social_share” in a post or page. Additionally you can use the “link” attribute to set manually the link you want to share, example: “social_share link=”http://www.site.com”
  • Added attachment.php template file
  • Changed Google Font selection to a Bootstrap typeahead control, where you can type the name of any font from the extense list in google.com/webfonts
  • Some CSS improvements in style.css and in theme-options.css
  • Deleted some duplicated files in /partials
  • Updated language files
  • Included a PayPal donate button in the theme options page

v: 1.7.7

  • Updated Bootstrap to version 2.2.2.
  • Updated Font Awesome to version 3.0.
  • Cleaned up and fixed theme styles. The style called “solid” is a preview, you may use it to override the css you don’t like with your own. The css file is located in “inc/styles/solid/style.css”.
  • Updated language files

v: 1.7.6

  • Fixed submenu dropdowns issue by updating bootstrap.min.js file

v: 1.7.5

  • Theme options/Front page/Tabs: Added the possibility to choose the posts you want to list in each of the 4 tabs available.
  • Added the possibility to change sidebar widths from the theme options page.
  • Some css fixes in the default WordPress calendar widget.
  • Improved the “solid” style. Works best with a dark background.
  • Fixed the option to display the site title along with the custom header image.

v: 1.7.4 [Available only from Github repo]

  • Added the possibility to change sidebar widths from the theme options page.
  • Some css fixes in the default WordPress calendar widget.

v: 1.7.4

  • Improved the “Featured” section in the front page, adding a loading animation during queries and controlling success/error states properly.
  • Added the “Style” option in the appearance tab of the theme options page. Now you can choose between 2 different styles, and you can also make your own, by creating a folder inside “inc/styles/yourstyle” with a “style.css” file inside. Then you will see it listed in the theme options page.
  • Added three different page templates: tpl-onecolumn.php, tpl-twocolumn-left.php and tpl-twocolumn-right.php. You can use them to create pages with left/right sidebar, or no sidebars.
  • Improved the wp_nav_menu() function call in order to avoid the “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in …” error in php versions prior to 5.2.4.

v: 1.7.3

  • Theme now works with PHP 5.2.4 or greater versions
  • Added Bootstrap carousel element to display the items of the galleries
  • Improved the comment form in order to display the (*) of the required fields correctly
  • Other minor code and CSS improvements

v: 1.7.2

  • Added post format support to theme
  • Added the posibility to show/hide the breadcrumb
  • Added new options to choose the text color of widget headers, header text, featured title and navbar links.
  • Theme partials have been renamed and reorganized. Article partial is now divided into content, header and footer. Also, a new partial has been created: partials/part_pf_gallery.php to display gallery posts
  • Fixed a bug when using the “page_for_post” option of WordPress
  • Added some more fonts to the Google API Font list in theme options
  • Replaced the way to retrieve theme options among pages, now using global $wordstrap_options
  • Thickbox is now enqueued along with the rest of the scripts in functions.php
  • Dinamically add the thickbox css class to gallery post format items using JS
  • Style adjustments and improvements. Now styles are enqueued in header.php, making the render smoother

v: 1.7.1

  • Added new options to choose background gradient of header and navbar
  • Fixed an error with category links. Now they display correctly despite the permalink configuration
  • Theme options are not overwritten when a new version of the theme is installed
  • Improved CSS style. Also improved page rendering to avoid showing non-styled elements during page loads
  • Updated spanish translation

v: 1.7

  • Theme approved by WordPress reviewers
  • Added an option to show/hide search form in nav bar
  • Added an option to show/hide home link in nav bar
  • Added an option to show/hide search form in header
  • Improved search form.
  • Removed @package, @subpackage and @since tags from page headers
  • Minor fix in header to avoid the repeated page title.
  • Some fixes in style.css

v: 1.6.5

  • Updated Bootstrap to the latest version (2.0.4)
  • Updated Font Awesome to the latest version (2.0)
  • Fixed style issues in style.css to the new bootstrap version and
    format it following WordPress coding standards guidelines.
  • Added Bootstrap’s responsiveness.
  • Cleaned and improved the Theme Options page for a better user
  • Theme author url and theme url now display the necessary information
    in order to contact me and have some support with the theme.

v: 1.6.4

  • Checked and fixed all unit-tests concerning layout.
  • Improved displaying of site title and description.
  • Fixed styles in wp-calendar and in tables, making use of the default bootstrap classes.
  • Now both widget headers and the small calendars next to post titles use the background specified in the theme options page.
  • 100% complete spanish translation.

There are 36 comments

  • Clayton Daley dice:

    The header and widget backgrounds are broken in IE10. To fix this, you need to add the following in 4 places in “functions.php”, each time adjacent to the style “filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft”:

    background: linear-gradient(to bottom, ‘.$wordstrap_theme_options[‘navbar_bg1′].’ 0%, ‘.$wordstrap_theme_options[‘navbar_bg2′].’ 100%); /* W3C */

    In two places, this also needs to be adjusted to use “widget_header_bg1” and “widget_header_bg2”.

  • Juan Carlos dice:

    Esta excelente, me gusta…. Por ahora es el que estoy usando

  • ant dice:

    it’s good,using it

  • Stephan dice:

    hi, for a project i use Wordstrap, its very useful but i must edit the Navigation bar (i want a Gradient with css3 ^^) and other Html snippets, please tell me where i can find it.

    • Hello Stephan, I do not know exactly what you want, but for editing the background color of the navbar you can edit line 72 in inc/style.css and put the following code:

      div.navbar-inner, div.navbar-inner div.divider-vertical, .navbar a.btn-navbar {
      background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(center top , #333333, #222222);

      You can change #333333 and #222222 to fit your needs. Also, this case is for Firefox only, you must use the -webkit css properties to add gradients for Chrome. No gradients for IE !

  • gaming community dice:

    We are a gaggle of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. You’ve performed an impressive task and our entire community will be grateful to you.

  • firescalp dice:

    Great WP Theme!!

    But some things are missing: I can not choose the page’s template (one, two or three columns) when creating one and it should be nice if we can choose the column width!

    Please add thoses functionnality and i never quit this theme!!!!

    Regards, Firescalp

  • jeff dice:

    hello, I installed in my live environment and I am having a little snag here, which I cannot figure out…If you go to the site http://www.radbrains.com you will see my site…

    the posts show only the words, and I lose all formatting to them as well as pictures, if you click on the first post you will see what it should look like…Is there any way to make it look more like that without having to actually click on it? (I have tried going into settings > reading > full text) and nothing changed. My last template showed fine as well so I am pretty sure it is template specific.

    Love the template, I just have to get a few kinks worked out..

  • jeff dice:

    Hey, I love the theme, it really stands out to me. I am having a problem though… no posts are showing up in the blog page, it just says “To add blog posts click on Posts – Add New in the WordPress Dashboard” But if I add a category widget, and click on teh category, the posts will show up.

    Is it supposed to be like this? How should I get the posts to show within the blog page?

    • Hello Jeff, I am glad you find useful my theme. If you have made a clean WordPress install, you would have to see at least a “Hello world” post and a “Sample page”. Make sure you have checked the “Show Blog” option in the theme options section in the WordPress dashboard. Also, the post will be in the default “Uncategorized” category, so it is the normal behaviour the posts of that category show up when you click on a category. If you still have problems tell me !

      • jeff dice:

        thanks for the quick reply, my bad, I’m an idiot, or my host is an idiot…I did an auto install of wp through them and they put a bunch of weird stuff in there that was throwing me off, I just deleted it and installed myself and its all good. Thanks

      • Hello Jeff. I have seen your website right now and it looks fine 🙂 I see you have not written a site title in order to display just the logo at the header of your site, but as you will have noticed, now you have no title displayed, which is a bad thing for SEO. I think you have done this because you have no option to display just the logo in the header… I am not sure if I have explained myself, anyway, I will try to fix this little issue in the next theme version. Thank you for using wordstrap!

  • Tim dice:

    Hi, got a weird problem with Wordstrap 1.7.1 (love the theme, btw). I had page_for_posts set up and working fine, changed the page value and now the posts aren’t displaying. If I swap themes it works, but not with Wordstrap.

    • admin dice:

      Hello Tim, I am glad you find it useful :). I will try to solve your problem. With page_for_posts you mean you have changed WordPress to display a page of yours as front_page, instead of the default WordPress blog loop, am I right ? And what do you exactly want to achieve ? Do you want to display a page of yours as front page, and also the blog loop ? Please describe the problem a little more and I will have a look at the code as soon as I can.

      • Tim dice:

        Hi there, I intend using a static front page, so needed to define another page as the posts page. This is where it came unstuck. I changed the posts page and Wordstrap got confused (other themes worked fine). I have fixed the problem by deleting the two Wordstrap fields in wp_options and will start over. Still not sure how it happened and whether it is something dumb I did or whether it is an issue with Wordstrap. I will let you know if I manage to break it again. Thanks.

      • admin dice:

        Definately is a theme issue I did not consider. I have solved it and will be available in the next theme version which will be published in a couple of days. Thanks for the advise!

  • James dice:

    Looks good. Plan to use it for my new minisite.

  • aguk dice:

    wordpress Version 3.4.1, Wordstrap `.7

    • admin dice:

      Just checked the theme on a clean wordpress installation, and there were no errors. Maybe it is the version of PHP in your server. Line 188 in functions.php uses an anonymous function as a parameter to an action hook. Anonymous functions were introduced in PHP 5.3, so you must have PHP 5.3 or greater in order to use the theme. If that is not the case and you are using the correct PHP version, you may try to download the theme again from wordpress.org.

  • aguk dice:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/xxx/domains/xxxx.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/wordstrap/functions.php on line 188

    • admin dice:

      Have you configured a custom menu in your site ? If you have, how many hierarchy levels does it have ? The nav bar custom menu supports up to 2 levels of hierarchy.

      • aguk dice:

        i Just activate this themes, and i got that error, and I can’t login to my wp-admin, it’s new wordpress installation, no plugin activate

      • admin dice:

        Ok. What version of WordPress are you using ? And what version of Wordstrap ? (I assume you are using the last one, 1.7) Thank you for reporting !

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